E. Reiner Construction prides itself or being family owned & operated. We employ only family and other professionals who we know and trust.

Sub contractors are used on all our larger projects. The subcontractors E. Reiner Construction uses are experts in their field. They are usually people we’ve worked with for years or other professionals whose work we know. In some cases, they’re people we grew up with. So, even if the people working on your project might be strangers to you. They’re not strangers to us.

Many builders and general contractors hire the guy who gives them the lowest quote. These sub contractors who give these low quotes then race through the job to try to make it worth their while. This leads to mistakes and if uncorrected, an inferior product. We’ve found that often you get what you pay for! Although we can’t guarantee we’ll be the cheapest, we do promise a quality product for a fair price.

We treat every project like it’s our own house.